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Because he's sick of having to email people & because they're sick of being emailed, Tim is starting a blog. This blog will contain anything that would have normally been forwarded onto people. So there should be a marked decline in emails going out, and an increase in posts here.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mobil Phones R OK 4 U :)

Well, according to the latest independent research released recently. Of course, it's well known that there are many disputed facts about whether using mobile phones is bad for you in any way. Lots of disputed studies, lots of different outcomes and with a constantly growing number of people, government and companies affected by the outcomes. I guess time will tell.

My two main beefs with mobile phones are thus:
  1. People driving whilst using the mobile phones.
    Be you friend or foe, if I see you driving whilst talking or SMSing, you will face my wrath. Trust me, from my cyclist's point of view drivers are dangerous enough using their full concentration, there's no need for them to get even more distracted. Big culprits: Mothers with children in 4WDs
  2. The constant consumption of newer, better phones. Has anyone ever paid off their mobile phone before buying a newer model? Do you really need/use a camera in your phone? Or Bluetooth, or IR, or a ringtone that is guaranteed to annoy everyone around you? There must be a lot of functional mobile phones being thrown away. They don't use environmentally friendly materials. At the very least, recycle your mobiles with company's like Green Collect.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Photo of the Day: "Lake Wanaka about to get rained on"

Lake Wanaka as seen whilst Rock Climbing. Treble Cone ski resort is off to my left, Wanaka town is just to the right of the photo.
It was a bad snow day (read: no snow) and so we went rockclimbing instead...
Being an avid rock preservationist, I stuck to my rock preservation statement by not climbing on any rocks, and instead whilst all the others defaced rocks, I scrambled up the side of a steep mountain and got some cool views - storms over Treble Cone on my left, rapidly advancing down the valley towards us, whilst on the right was a beautiful view of the sun shining over Lake Wanaka with lovely blues and greens of sky, mountains, lake and grass.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Gull-trapping Killers show cultural learning

As anyone who's seen Finding Nemo knows, seagulls are right up there with pidgeons on the list of "birds that are nice in ones and twos, but not in squawking packs of a squillion". Luckily a pod(?) of killer whales are helping to whittle down the number of seagulls preying on Seaworld tourists...

A four year old Killer whale discovered that if he regurgitated some of his fish food and waited underneath it whilst it's floating around on the surface (as vomit is wont to do), that soon enough seagulls will come and have a bite... Snappity-Snap! One slightly less hungry killer whale, and one small step towards peacefull beaches. Within a month all his tank buddies were doing it, putting killer whales, dolphins and chimpanzes on the list of 'cultural learning' animals (one dolphin taught a bunch of others to wear sponges on their nose whilst foraging on the sea floor for snout protection, and chimps taught each other to use sticks to beat things. Unfortunately they are still to learn bread making skills*) .

In other seagull related news, University of Florida aviation researchers are copying the gull's wing shape for a new breed of unmanned spy drones, for use in urban warfare. I personally think that it's just an excuse to allow both sides to shoot down anything resembling seagulls (and hopefully pidgeons), as well as trying to make soldiering appeal to boys who'd much rather play with remote controlled planes than shoot people.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Self-milking cows - pull the udder one

In other cutting-edge news, the New South Wales government has comitted more than $5 milion dollars in funding towards research for self-milking cow automation systems. This is to allow farmers the freedom to do 'other chores'. Wow, it makes my idea of having a hose directly up a cow's bum into its stomaches, to harvest their methane gas for use in powering the world even possible. I'd definitely look into it if the government gave me $5 million though.

That's all for tonight! More tomorrow

*Obscure Spinal Tap reference.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Talking the Talk, the Google way

Google Talk beta has been launched recently, and I'm giving it a beta thumbs up. That is to say that the initial beta version is pretty good, but I would like to see just a few more tweaks before it's released in its final version.
What I like:
  1. simple look and feel,
  2. easy to hold multiple conversations without them all cluttering up your desktop
  3. voice quality is fine
What I'd like in the final release: The ability to hold group conversations. Currently it's just one-on-one only.
Summary: I would use Google Talk over MSN Messenger and Skype for just chatting to people. If you wish to call people's actual phones, then Skype would still be handy, but that's all. And since I don't currently use Skype for this, then it's Google Talk for me :)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Damned Busy

Well, long time between posts. Been damned busy and haven't even had time to read any of my news feeds.
Looks like I missed out too! A few reasons why I haven't had time for any newsing:
  1. Leaving work - having to wrap up a lot of stuff, in little time, whilst having to cover my fellow Operations worker Jon whilst he lad's it up in NZ with half the young male population Essendon & Broadmeadows. Managed to get about 10% of what I wanted done, plus about another 20% of stuff that the directors decided they wanted me to do in the last days.
  2. Leaving work parties! One of Thursday night, then Friday night drinks too
  3. Other parties! Combined 50th plus a 21st this week.
  4. Wikipedia! So distracting! Pop in to research work stuff, get totally side-tracked by the "things that happened on this day" section of the home page (krakatoa anniversary, Miracle on the Vistula, The great moon hoax, etc) and then get suckered by links in every article to every other article and so you just keep burrowing and burrowing! Best Site Eva!
Anyway, we're right back into it!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon - Tim's Blog of Stuff of the World and other Stuff that is like Cool or Interesting or Both!

Due to unpopular demand, and because he's sick of having to email people & because they're sick of being emailed, because he's sick of people accusing him of not doing any work and just emailing (der how hard is cutting and pasting a link?), Tim is starting a blog. This one actually.
It will contain anything that is deemed appropriate for emailing people. So there should be a marked decline in emails going out, and an increase in posts here.

I'll be taking full advantage of the new Blogger For Word tool that allows MS Word -> Blogger posting, to try and get some efficient blog posts. Hopefully you'll get a few a day. And maybe you'll even read some of them.

Over & Out!