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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mobil Phones R OK 4 U :)

Well, according to the latest independent research released recently. Of course, it's well known that there are many disputed facts about whether using mobile phones is bad for you in any way. Lots of disputed studies, lots of different outcomes and with a constantly growing number of people, government and companies affected by the outcomes. I guess time will tell.

My two main beefs with mobile phones are thus:
  1. People driving whilst using the mobile phones.
    Be you friend or foe, if I see you driving whilst talking or SMSing, you will face my wrath. Trust me, from my cyclist's point of view drivers are dangerous enough using their full concentration, there's no need for them to get even more distracted. Big culprits: Mothers with children in 4WDs
  2. The constant consumption of newer, better phones. Has anyone ever paid off their mobile phone before buying a newer model? Do you really need/use a camera in your phone? Or Bluetooth, or IR, or a ringtone that is guaranteed to annoy everyone around you? There must be a lot of functional mobile phones being thrown away. They don't use environmentally friendly materials. At the very least, recycle your mobiles with company's like Green Collect.


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